How To Love a Jellyfish

A jellyfish has no heart and a jellyfish will sting the crap out of you and ruin your day at the beach.  When I was young, so young that I don’t remember, my mom says I would try to save the jellyfish at the beach.  Other beach goers would dump the little guys on the sand to leave them to dry out and die.  I would take my bucket and try to put them back in the ocean.  I loved the jellyfish, not because they could do anything for me or because they loved me back.  I just loved.  I want to get my heart back to that place of unconditional love.  As a mama of a little one, I want to exhibit that kind of pure empathy again.  I want to believe that no one is unlovable, even those that hurt you.  I want to stand up for love, even when it stings.  I want to figure out how to love a jellyfish.


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